“We understand getting orthodontic treatment can feel like a big commitment. That’s why we offer 100% free consultations. Dr. Nissen will examine your mouth, discuss your treatment options, and create a personalized treatment plan for you, free of charge!

*New patients only.


Panoramic X-Ray (if needed)

A panoramic x-ray helps Dr. Nissen to identify any problems occurring underneath your gums including the roots of your teeth. The panoramic type of x-ray is different from a traditional radiograph that your dentist takes. Additionally, this type of X-ray allows us to identify problems such as bone abnormalities and fractures, cysts, impacted teeth, infections and tumors. Our clinic policy is to reduce the amount of radiation for everyone so we work with your dentist to not over expose patients.  

Orthodontic Exam

Dr. Nissen will perform a visual exam of your jaws, mouth, and teeth, and we will write a detailed letter to send to your General Dentist. She will assess your orthodontic health and the aesthetics of your smile. This is the first step in developing your treatment plan.

Treatment discussion & planning

After your exam is complete, Dr. Nissen will discuss your eligibility for different orthodontic treatments. Paloma, our Treatment Coordinator, will show you all the appliances, go over financial planning options, answer all your questions, and together we will come up with an orthodontic treatment plan that’s perfect for your needs. Lastly, we can schedule your appointment to start – most days we have availability on the same day. 


Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us at (949) 830-4101 to speak with our team.


Will there be any additional costs at my first visit?

No. Your consultation is 100% free. There will be no hidden fees or costs, or unexpected expenses.

What happens after my first visit?

You’ll be sent home with details about your treatment plan, how long it will take, a cost estimate, and lots of other information. You can take as much time as you want to think about your plan. Once you’re ready to get started, just give our team a call. We’ll work out the details, and help you take the first steps toward a better smile.

Can I use dental insurance?

There’s no need to use dental insurance for a free consultation at SHN Orthodontics.

Our consultations are free regardless of your insurance coverage status.

However, if you do have a PPO plan that covers orthodontics, it’s likely that it will cover at least part of your treatment. 

Feel free to text us a picture of your Insurance Card to (949) 830-4101 and we will be happy to check your orthodontic benefits for you.


Investing in your smile can change your life for the better. We understand that the financial aspect makes this a big decision. That’s why we make it our mission to help make the decision a little easier for our patients. 

Our staff will discuss the cost of your personalized treatment plan and each available payment option with you, so you can make the best choice for you, your finances, and your smile. We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget with absolutely no hidden surprise fees.

Get Interest-Free In-House Financing

Flexible financing is an essential part of personalizing your treatment. SHN Orthodontics payment plan options are in-house with no interest. 

Payment options

We are happy to work with you to offer flexible plans that span the length of your treatment to help space out the payment process. Most insurance policies partially cover orthodontic care.


Get a 3% discount when you pay in full.


Start your orthodontic treatment for a reasonable monthly payment that fits into your budget. We will adjust this based on your dental insurance coverage.


Get started on your treatment right away with a down payment of just $500 for braces or $1000 for Invisalign. Or, you are welcome to put down more if you are able to and would like to minimize your monthly payments. You can use your credit card.


We will work with you to maximize your Flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) benefits. These types of pre-tax dollar accounts can be a wonderful way to offset the costs of braces. Often, you can use both insurance and your FSA or HSA, resulting in a relatively low out of pocket cost for your orthodontic treatment.

You get to choose how you want to pay (increments or lump sum) and plan accordingly.  We recommend you check with your FSA or HSA administrator to understand the documentation requirements before coming into our office to set up a payment plan."